That moment when you wax your board for the first time ever or when you get it ready before going out, it’s something unique. We, Bcn Wax, believe in this ritual and that’s why we represent an alternative to the traditional waxes. Our mold takes after the Panot – traditional pavement tiles-, designed with a four petal, resembling a flower. Conceived more than 120 years ago, when Barcelona blossomed as a city, this wasn’t a mere aesthetic choice. Its purpose was to offer a great grip and avoid slippery pavements.

Seems only natural we’ve been inspired by this city icon to create Bcn Wax, the best in class for an excellent¬†grip and lasting performance.

Bcn Wax is a handmade brand: our waxes are poured and melted in California by Bubble Gum. We are fully committed to a sustainable and ethical production, that’s why we only use biodegradable materials, as well as using a packaging made with recycled paper and soy ink. Our wax has an organic blend that results into a super sticky, long lasting surf wax.

DESIGNED IN BARCELONA molded in California.