Cold Water Surf Wax 16˚- UnderBase Coat Surf Wax

5 Pack Cold Surf Wax

5 pack Cold Surf Wax

Cold Surf Wax pack  with one Base Coat.

Cold Water Wax 16˚ – Under, smelling coconut, 100%biodegradable with one Base coat Wax Formula, smelling coconut 100% biodegradable. Use it for better implementation and better grip.

Bcn Wax is an alternative to conventional wax designed in Barcelona, the mold is inspired in the pavement of streets our city.

Seems only natural we’ve been inspired by this city icon to create Bcn Wax, the best in class for an excellent grip and lasting performance.

Bcn Wax is Eco friendly high performance. The label is recycled paper, printed with soy based on presses.

The wax is made by hand, melted and poured in California.

All orders come with a complimentary stickers.


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